What will I see,sounds I hear,and breezes I feel on my walk today?

Friday, March 5, 2010

I look forward to walking. Rain or shine it doesn't matter. On a golf course, along a river or up and down a mountain it doesn't matter walking is great for the spirit. I've started this little blog in hopes that people would share there thoughts and experiences while walking.

Please take a minute and fill out the survey and any comments you have. I'd love hearing some stories.



  1. Your Blog Rocks Walking Natural Joe..Love You

  2. Yes! Walking saves my sanity. I often get my best ideas (esp. writing ideas) while walking. Here's a 'walking' inspired essay: http://garnet44.blogspot.com/2008/07/bird-talk.html

  3. I love walking and jogging...especially in the country or on trails. I am able to process my thoughts, connect with nature, and be active. In the spring and summer, I walk/jog regularly. In the fall and winter, it becomes a challenge due to the cold, snow, and ice.