What will I see,sounds I hear,and breezes I feel on my walk today?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


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While walking my thoughts were on the trees along the trail. I actually know little about species and other aspects of trees.
What I see is they seem to be growing in their own directions. Yet, but as I look down the path I see a community of trees and have thoughts of how they weathered over the years. Some have healthy barks, some have aged and some may have disease. Soon they will be budding and growing leaves and displaying their individual strengths and spirits.


  1. Trees are magnificent! I love lying under them, looking up and being in awe of all the tiny branches and the precision in how they grow. They are grounding and inspiring. When my mind is blocked I can find calmness by watching and listening to their leaves blow in the breeze. They remind me there is a bigger, more beautiful and peaceful world out there.......beyond my thoughts......

  2. Very well said, humans can learn alot from looking at trees and all nature around them..Nature knows how important community is to their growth ..

  3. I love what all of you have said. I was noticing how the maples are budding and the lilacs are too. Weeks ahead of schedule. Great post

  4. Hello, I saw your comment on The Turner Farm and came over for a visit...From an earlier post I see you mention Eckhart Toile...don't you just love his work? Honestly, The Power of Now and A New Earth changed my life....definitely for the better!

  5. Natural Joe, looking forward to seeing more of your walking adventures...:)